Now that the spring season has ultimately emerged, we are currently dealing with the April showers and anticipate for blossoming this May. But aside from that, there’s also one thing that’s waiting to come out—the allergy season. In some areas, the air could get worse and cause detrimental health problems especially to people suffering from seasonal allergies. But did you know that your HVAC system can actually aid you in easing this type of allergy? Yes, that’s right. What’s the best thing about this is that it does not take that much. Because we want to help and enlighten you, we’ll be giving information about how HVAC systems can help you: 


Dust your HVAC unit and return vents 

One of the main part of spring cleaning is dusting, which helps in minimizing the possibility of allergies to spread. If you’re cleaning, you should never neglect cleaning your accessible HVAC unit or return vents as well. Otherwise, the accumulated dust will spread all over your home. If you, or somebody in your household, is suffering from allergies, utilize a damp cloth to wipe over your HVAC units, outdoor condenser, or return vents is you can access them easily.  

Have a UV Light 

If you wish your indoor air to be clean all the time, you can consider a UV light solution. If UV air purifiers are properly installed, it can successfully minimize the number of allergens, bacteria, and mold in the air supply. If the cured air will be pushed through the air filters, it will get a second cleaning with the help of the UV light that also helps eliminate unsolicited air odors like pet stink, perfumes, cooking smells, and more.   

Inquire a professional regarding a MERV filter 

For other people who suffer from allergies, a typical air filter won’t be enough. In such instances, you need to ask your HVAC expert regarding a MERV filter. This type of filter is intended to acquire more than harmful microbes and dust. Keep in mind that the higher its MERV rating is, the greater a filter can be at getting airborne allergens, dander, and pollen.  

Change your air filters 

Changing your air filters is the first thing that has to be done to your HVAC units as this can help alleviate seasonal allergies. Any circulating air all over your property should go through your air filter first. It’s recommended for you to do this at least twice every year—once before AC season and once before furnace season. When you have a dirty air filter, it cannot effectively catch dirt and dust, which makes the air you inhale unhealthy and dirty. A clean filter can help catch airborne particles and dust that causes allergies.  

Book for HVAC maintenance 

The greatest thing you can do to your HVAC units would be professional routine maintenance and air duct cleaning St. George UT, especially if you suffer from allergies. Rest assured that the experts will check every nook and cranny of your home’s HVAC systems. If interested, let us know.