In maintaining the house, whether it is your roof, siding, or your driveway, removing dirt and dust is an important step. There are many ways to dust off some dirt or remove some grains on surfaces, and one of which is to use water. In fact, using water to wash away dirt is the most used method by homeowners and company services. The problem comes in when you get to decide which is better to use: a pressure washer or a regular hose. Most homeowners rely on the hose’s ability to clean simply because they are not equipped with pressure washing, while some prefer calling help from professional services like the North Las Vegas pressure washing because it provides more benefits than the regular hose.  



If you are deciding whether to choose a pressure washer or a regular garden hose, consider the following: 


  1. Water it consumes

Contrary to what most people would think, a pressure washer uses less water than a regular hose, as it generally consumes about one-fifth as much water as the hose. And do you know what this means? It is more eco-friendly and at the same time water efficient, saving you some dollars in your water bills.  


  1. Energy it needs

While water pressure saves you water, it also consumes energy in the form of electricity as they need a source of energy through electrical outlets or some gasoline and batteries. Using a pressure washer potentially adds to your energy bills.  


A garden hose does not need any electricity to work as it relies heavily on the pressure of the water itself, no matter how weak it is.  


  1. Expenses it creates

Purchasing a pressure washer is more expensive than an ordinary garden hose, perhaps thrice the garden hose’s price or more. However, the amount of help and the functionality of an expensive pressure washer provides is greater than the hose.  


If you do not want to purchase a pressure washer equipment, you can hire a service contractor to do the cleaning at an affordable price.  


4.The abilities 

The water and the pressure that an ordinary hose has can effectively remove dirt and grime, but it can’t beat the performance of a pressure washer. Some stains can be difficult to remove and so they need more pressure such as algae, chewing gums, and old oil stains.  


Some pressure washers have the ability to increase the water pressure by 50 times the normal pressure coming from water.  



While pressure washer provides better functionality, a garden hose offers a safer process of cleaning. Pressure washer involves more potential danger to the family or to any surfaces the water touches because of the high intensity of pressure. This is why anyone who would want to use a pressure washer is recommended to wear protective gear to avoid unnecessary accidents.  


Final Thoughts 

Pressure washer and a garden hose have their own pros and cons. Basically, a garden hose is cheaper and safer but provides less efficient cleaning, while the pressure washer can be a bit expensive and dangerous to use, but delivers a very efficient cleaning output. If your main concern is about functionality, then a pressure washer is for you.